8one was co-founded by Ramit Singh Chimni and Varun Achreja to support the eight goals that our foundation has identified as crucial in our mission for humanity. These goals include – Well-being, Gender Equality, Peace, Environment, Nutrition, Hygiene, Education and Employment. 

Our aim is to affect pragmatic and sustainable progress across these goals with a focus on social development over other interpretations of the term ‘development’.


We envision a world that does not make excuses.
A world that focuses on what is right for all and not what benefits a few.
We want to be able to filter out the relevant from the irrelevant.
Not only for ourselves, but for all those around us.
We are concentrating on 8 goals – Education, Peace, Gender Equality, Employment, Environment, Nutrition, Hygiene, and Well-Being.
We will be go beyond, if humanity beckons.
Collaboration, Honesty, Relentlessness, Selflessness and Joy are the tools in our shed.
We will use them to give shape to a better world.
We will achieve this within our lifetime.

The F.A.I.R. Methodology

The F.A.I.R. Methodology is a four-step process which is aimed at ensuring a fair decision that benefits all and not just a few. 

Fact-finding and Familiarising is a process of researching, collating, organising and thereafter analysing data to ensure that adequate amounts of facts have been found to form an initial understanding.

Advocating for Alternate Viewpoints includes identifying all the relevant stakeholders, understanding their arguments and perspectives, and thereafter advocating for their viewpoints to compare it with one’s own initial understanding.

Introspecting Yourself is the process of validating and re-validating the information gathered through ‘F’ and ‘A’. It involves self-criticism, accepting that one could be wrong, and acknowledging the existence of multiple perspectives to ensure an outcome that is fair.

Reasoning and Rationalising ensures that the final conclusion is a fair conclusion which is based on factual evidence, alternative considerations, rigorous introspection, logical actualisation and effective communication.